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Renormalization group methods for multiscale materials pattern formation

Faculty: Nigel Goldenfeld (Physics), Jon Dantzig (MechSE)

Students and Post docs: B. Athreya, P. Chan, Z. Huang

The images show the intersection of four crystals growing from the melt (top), along with part of the adapted grid (bottom).



The goal of this project is to develop multiscale methods for simulating the development of materials microstructure. Our approach is based upon a continuum representation of atomic density, obeying diffusive dynamics. During the course of this project we have developed analytical methods to describe the coarse-grained dynamics of the atomic density, suitable for solution on adaptive grids. This year, we have extended the method from 2D to 3D. The image shows the intersection of four crystals growing from the melt, along with part of the adapted grid.

Broader Impacts

This work was performed by an interdisciplinary team of mechanical engineers and theoretical physicists. Three students have been associated with this project, including two who have graduated and moved to industry. We have disseminated the findings through several keynote talks at conferences, as well as numerous publications.

This material is also available as a Powerpoint slide.

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