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Staff Directory

Administrative Staff Members

Name Email Phone (217-) Position
Robert B Haber r-haber 333-3826 Director
Sheryl Hembrey shembrey 244-6675 Business Manager

Computer Science

Jeff Erickson jeffe 333-6769 Assoc Prof CS
 computational geometry
Michael Garland garland 244-5970 Asst Prof CS
  computer graphics
Sanjay Kale l-kale1 244-0094 Prof CS
  parallel programming environments


Jon Dantzig dantzig 333-4107 Prof MechSE
  solidification, materials processing
Robert Haber r-haber 333-3826 Prof MechSE
  fracture mechanics, manufacturing processes
Duane Johnson duanej 265-0319 Prof MATSE
  computational materials science
Dan Tortorelli dtortore 333-5991 Prof MechSE
  nonlinear analysis, sensitivity, and optimization


John Sullivan jms   Assoc Prof Math
  geometry, visualization


Nigel Goldenfeld nigel 333-8027 Prof Physics
  condensed matter theory,
problems related to biological
complexity, ecology and evolution

Former Members

  • Bob Jerrard, Mathematics, University of Toronto. Area of speciality: nonlinear PDEs, geometric analysis
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